Lynne's Message

Celebrating Over 45 Years

I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing. – William James

I believe that everyone can sing. In fact, I believe that everyone should sing. Music is an important way to reach out and touch others as well as reach in and nourish ourselves. We take our performances out into the community to people who may not be able to attend our large, seasonal concerts.

I believe that, no matter what amount of training and background experience an individual has when they join our choruses, it is my job to raise each person’s level of musical knowledge and experience. I believe that, as choral conductor, I have a responsibility to be a teacher as well.

I believe it is possible to have a group of musicians that treat and care for each other as ‘family’ and is free of politics, cliques and prima donnas. Since joining THE SINGERS, many of us have experienced personal growth and/or the support and nurturing of this ‘family’ during difficult times.

I believe that part of creating and maintaining the ‘family’ atmosphere is having the time to get to know each other better outside of rehearsal time. Therefore, we plan times when we can visit at Pot Luck suppers and Concert After Parties and Campfires and meals at our Weekend Rehearsal that starts our season in September. 

I believe that everyone in the ‘family’ should do a share of the work so that no one (or two or three) person(s) has (have) to carry too heavy a load – each of us contributes in some way to the non-singing activities of the Society.

I believe that excellence is not the sole prerogative of professionals or choruses with more stringent auditions. I believe that ‘amateurs’ can put on a ‘professional’ performance and that the hard work and learning necessary to accomplish that is fun.

I am most fortunate to have this wonderful Society of SINGERS who support and work to continue my philosophies.